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I know this post comes a little late considering I’ve already updated the site and have started posting my stuff, but I thought I’d create this welcome page for those of you who are new to the site and want to see what the future holds for it as well as how to get connected and stay connected.

This site was designed to be a personal blog for me, but over time, I get more and more requests to help people with building websites, finding/providing hosting for those sites and essentially just get people online. For anyone who knows about web design, marketing, promotion and maintenance, you understand how big of a job even the smallest of projects can be!

Some people don’t understand how it all works and comes together, so it’s hard for them to realize (and accept) the costs associated with such work. I’ll admit that even myself never understood how companies can charge thousands of dollars for search engine optimization when all the tools are right in front of you and they’re free! Well, after trying these tools out myself, I realized you’re not paying for the knowledge, you’re paying for the service.

And that’s what it comes down to–the service. So here’s what I’ve decided to do with my site.

I am going to focus primarily on helping others get online with their own ideas and business ventures for free! That’s right. You will learn everything from the basics to the more advanced. I will cover all aspects of creating your website, monetizing it, promoting it and most of all, maintaining it.

This site will be updated daily with relavent information that I have hand-written myself. Periodically, I will publish free ebooks that will consolidate content from the site into an organized fashion. I will attempt to provide bits of news articles that pertain to the subject matter and I will be active in responding to emails, comments and more.

All for free.

Why free you ask? Well, there’s reason to try and sell information that can already be gotten for free online, so what I want to do is give it all away. In turn, all I ask is that you help me promote the site! All you have to do is post links to my site wherever you feel they would fit in, send your Facebook friends over to my site, follow me on Twitter, sign up for my RSS feeds (what’s RSS? I’ll tell you here!) and/or join the mailing list.

The site is small right now, but is growing! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!



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