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After looking up some of my old domains on the Internet Wayback Machine, I quickly went down memory lane when I started seeing some of the very first web pages I ever put online. These web pages were simple, static pages full of animated GIFs, randomly placed links and even a few surprises here and there. And just like my sites today, they each reflected the various interests I had growing up.

Froggy’s (“Cool Links and Metallica Pictures”)

In high school, a friend and I took a class that required us to learn HTML and to create a personal website for a class project. I was amazed at all the cool things you could do with web code and after splashing it with some images and sounds, you had an interactive page that the whole world could see. Unfortunately for me, our school websites were only accessible through the school so my 15 minutes would have to wait just a bit longer.

It was at that point when I decided to seek external ways to get my own web page online. Since I didn’t have any real money at the time to invest in such an idea, I quickly discovered that some web hosting companies offered free hosting in exchange for them putting some small advertisements on the bottom of each page. I had no problem with this and Froggy’s was born.

When I get other sites that worked on uploaded, they will appear on this page.

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