Re-building the World Trade Center

As much as I wish that title were coming true, what I really mean is that I’ll be building a model of the World Trade Center. So far in the years since 9/11, I’ve had a wall mural of the famous picture with the Brooklyn Bridge, pictures ranging from desktop size to wall size and also a huge U.S. flag draped on my wall in remembrance.

WTC with Brooklyn bridgeNow, I decided I wanted to have a real, tangible object I could have on display, so after some searching, I finally found a website that has paper models that can be printed out on card stock, folded and glued together to form not only the Twin Towers, but the entire World Trade Center complex as it appeared before that tragic day.

The website I found is and they actually have a pretty good size list of other buildings as well as a few they’re still working on.

I’ve built a paper model before (the old Disneyland marquee), so I’m pretty familiar with this process. Basically, you print out the hi-rez pictures onto thick photo paper or high quality card stock and then you simply follow the directions on how to fold and glue it all together.

Normally this process takes a couple of hours at most, but I tend to make some adjustments as I go along. These are usually added to increase the element of detail or just to make it more sturdy. In any case, I’ll keep this page updated with my progress as well as adding pictures as I go along.

Stay tuned…