Spammers don't work on weekends

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve acquired and/or used over seven or so email addresses for various reasons and although I only use one at a time, I keep the other ones “active” because I never know if someone from my past, who has an old email of mine might want to get a hold of me.

Anyway, across all these emails, I probably get about 50 spammed emails every day. It’s hard to say just how these people got my email(s) in the first place, but it’s a sure bet that all those companies that I’ve signed up for their mailing lists have sold my info to unscrupulous misfits out there.

Above and beyond all that, I started noticing one thing; spammers don’t seem to work on weekends! Here I sit on Sunday evening and just about the time I’d be watching 50+ emails download to my inbox, I get nothing. Maybe one, maybe 2, but generally I only get real emails. I won’t say that I’m complaining, but it reminds me of a line from the movie Layer Cake when Daniel Craig says “England. Typical. Even drugs dealers don’t work weekends.” What’s even more funny and ironic about that statement is that most of the spam I get seems to come from the UK.

Has anyone else experienced this same thing?