Apple iPad 3 Set For Release on March 7

[warning_box]UPDATE: Apple has announced the all new iPad (not called iPad 3)! Click for more information.[/warning_box]

Assuming the rumors are true, it looks like Apple will be releasing the iPad 3 in just 8 days! Ok, so that’s not exactly what’s going on, but Apple has said they will be making an announcement on that day. However, I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not that excited about this new release. Of course it’s hard to make that assessment until that time comes, but I think what it is for me is that Apple keeps releasing these “new” products, but I don’t think we need them.

There aren’t many differences between the iPad and the iPad 2 and as you [pullquote_right]There are many alternatives out there once you get past needing that “Apple look and feel” and the almighty App Store![/pullquote_right]would expect, there aren’t going to be many differences between iPad 2 and iPad 3. I think Apple should have skipped a year. Also, compared to other tablets coming on the market, the iPad just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Sure, it’s Apple and there will always be tons of people waiting in lines for days to get the newest products, but let’s get real. What is it you really want in a tablet? There are many alternatives out there once you get past needing that “Apple look and feel” and the almighty App Store!

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic because to be honest, I really want to be blown away again. I want Apple to lure me in like they have done so many times in the past. With Steve Jobs gone, this will technically be Apple’s first product launch without him.

iPad 3 Features and Specs

Screen – As usual, Apple is keeping tight-lipped about the details of the latest device, but reliable sources are saying that it will at least have double the screen resolution than iPad 2, meaning it will match the iPhone 4’s quality. This will be interesting to see on a larger screen. That is if the screen is as large as the previous iPads. It was rumored that Apple would launch a smaller iPad…possibly alongside the standard size.

Camera – As with all device upgrades, the camera seems to be regular upgrade. Perhaps this time, we’ll see a whopping 8MP! That sounds funny considering most cell phones today come with much better devices than that!

Processor – The prior iPad featured a 1GHz dual-core processor so it would be no surprise if iPad 3 featured a quad core. This processor could also be an A6 as opposed to the A5.

Connectivity – One of the best features to be rumored is the ability to connect the iPad 3 to a 4G connection for faster data speeds. It’s hard to say how something like this paired with the faster processor will affect the battery life, but it can’t be a good thing.

My two cents

As I mentioned before, I’m going to need something substantial to get me excited about the next iPad. It has nothing to do with Apple themselves. I just remember owning the first iPad and not finding it any more useful than an over-sized gaming device. As a result, I wasn’t that interested in the iPad 2 and unless this next one proves to be amazing, I can’t say that I’ll even care.

I have the Kindle Fire and it serves me well for what it is I use it. But, even then, it’s not a device I find myself using everyday. I guess I tend to have more to do than what can be accomplished on a tablet. Either way, I can’t wait to see this official “unveiling” on March 7th.

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