Google+ Already Expects its First 20 Million Users

The Google+ Social network hasn’t even launched yet and it’s already expected to hit 10,000,000 users today with that number doubling by next week. So far the service has been open for invitees to participate. Google intended the slow-opening to help keep server loads in check. Unlike previous “beta” programs that Google has launched, Google+ is as easy to get an invite as it is for your friend to add you to their Circle.

There’s no doubt that Google+ has a lot of catching up to do with Facebook, who still has over 750 million users, but nobody can doubt that Google is off to a great start. Only Google can get 20 million or more users in 2 weeks on a beta program! It seems that everyone just wants to be a part of the next big thing. From what I can see, Google+ has a lot to offer and in my opinion, operates a little more organized than Facebook.

Only time will tell how the spammers and advertising moguls mess it up, but I guess we can expect that from any social networking site, right?

As for catching up, Google+ should have no worries about Facebook. With Google’s other services like YouTube and Gmail, I can bet most people will join this service just because it’s super convenient to have all their Google accounts and services under one roof. Google+ is set to go public within a month and I have a feeling that this is going to be a big deal.

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