My friend had some issues with a random caller on her cell phone, so I decided to try out one of those reverse phone lookup services online to see what, if any, kind of information I could find on someone. Of course, all of these sites allow you to search any number for free, but if you want more information, you must pay.

Anyway, this site touts the availability of all this information:

Search results include:

  • Owner name and address
  • Phone type – landline or mobile
  • People search results
  • Household members
  • And more

At any rate, my intention in this operation was to at least get an idea of who might be behind these calls, so I opted to pay the $14.95 (I believe the site changes its pricing often because right now its saying $9.95). Here’s what I got for my fifteen dollars.

I’ve blocked out the “sensitive” information, but you can get the idea of what kind of information I got. Now, since running this report, I’ve gotten more information on the caller by simply talking to my girlfriend about it and I must say, the person who was on the other end of the phone does not match the person that showed up on the report! Also, the links you see only point toward more services you can pay for. These come in two flavors: a one-time, one-search charge or a monthly, unlimited searches charge.

I also want to point out that the report listed three addresses from persons with the same (or similar) name. To me, this was nothing more than a name search you’d do in the white pages of the phone book. In other words, useless. Imagine how long the report would be if the person’s name was John Smith?!

In conclusion, I didn’t particularly find any useful information from this website and I’m sure no others would be better. However, the site does NOT guarantee any amount of information you’ll get on the report, so I can’t complain too much. It was a crap shoot to begin with. This ‘review’ isn’t intended to sway you one way or another on using or any similar site–I just wanted to share my experience.

Good luck!

Last words: Aside from you being a private detective where you might actually get some use out of the unlimited searching membership, I doubt you’ll get any real value from these services.

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  1. Thanks Brandon, I tried loading this on 3 different phones and it didn’t work, had I read your thoughts before I would have perhaps went else where. Again thanks from Scotland. Regards, SJ.

  2. I was Scammed by this site!!! Do not buy the “unlimited search” it only provides the same basic search that is provided to Google, you still have to pay $8 for all Tracer reports after it says it has information. In fact, they reported to Google they had my target phone number info and after I paid it was “not found”!!!! Do not pay anything to this site, they are thieves!

  3. I agree ~ Additionally, the site will only give you the location of where the phone was purchased, not where the phone is. So I do not believe their claim that they use GPS tracking to show you where the phone is.

  4. Phone detective is very misleading. They charge a large up front membership fee then , though they run searches that you can get for free, they charge you extra to obtain the pertinent information associated with a number such as the owner’s name. With me they started at 95 cents per “tracer” report then went to $4.95 per report and they are working their way up to 14.95 per report. All after charging me $39.99 for a year of what they claimed to be “unlimited searches with full reports”. Phone detective is a scam, find another more reputable service.PHONE DETECTIVE IS A SCAM!!

  5. They claimed that they had information on a number. Paid $14.95 to view the results and… they tell me that they don’t have any information after all, but that they’re giving me a complimentary one month membership to compensate me. Why would I want a free membership in a service that can’t produce results? Scam. Scam. Scam.

  6. Scam, on the preliminary scan they said they had the number and the info but when I paid the reported no information at all.

    1. Yeah, they seem to give everyone false hopes. It looks like the only way to get real information from a phone number is to have a search warrant…and good luck with that!

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