Windows Vista installed on MacBook – crackling audio

I recently bought a new MacBook (the aluminum one) and installed Vista 32bit using BootCamp. The process was insanely easy and there wasn’t much I needed to do other than insert some discs when it asked me to. Anyway, the only problem I’ve noticed so far was that when Vista loads, there are some audio problems in which the sound will crackle and pop. This happens with all Windows sounds as well as music and videos.

I traced the problem back to the WiFi card because if you disable wireless, the problem stops. So after a few hours of looking online for a fix to this problem, I came up with this:

1. Download new [DRIVERS NO LONGER AVAILABLE] and extract.
2. Access the Windows control panel.
3. Open device manager and right click on the wireless adapter.
4. Update the driver files using the ones in the newly extracted folder.

And you’re done! Enjoy the fixed sound!

UPDATE — This fix no longer applies since Apple has corrected the issue with newer drivers and a newer version of BootCamp.

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