Mac OS X Lion Releases Today

Once I have my copy installed, I’ll go over a full review, but for today, I just wanted to announce that it is finally here and from what I’ve been reading about it since the preview date, I know I’m going to love this new version! For now, MacWorld has an extensive page all about the latest features and what to expect from OS X Lion.

Also, you can check out these two videos of two of the newest features of OS X Lion (MissionControl and LaunchPad):


New Mac Stuff

I just installed Parallels on my Mac and I have to say, without a doubt, this is the sickest software I think I’ve ever used in my entire life!

To put it in perspective, I am currently running my Mac OSX and then on top of that, I have Windows Vista Ultimate running as a virtual machine. However, unlike previous versions, I have it set up in what they call ‘Coherence’ mode which allows for the Windows system to be integrated right into Mac. What does this mean? As an example, I have Internet Explorer open right now within Mac and it’s running as if it was a Mac program.

Another cool feature is that I have a fully usable Windows Start menu at my disposal at the bottom of my screen. Anyone using a Mac and wishing to still utilize Windows should seriously get this program.