My favorite décor

I was just admiring this drawing and remembered what a wonderful feeling I get every time I see it. It’s easy to think how nice someone is just because they created something for you, but in this case, it’s more than that. It shows a depth of attention paid to the smallest details.

Also, if you’ve ever been an artist, or even known one, you understand the sentimental connection they get with their creations and, short of being offered a truckload of money, they dare not part.

Put simply, when I look at it, I remember just how important I must be to someone. And for me to acknowledge that fact is just shy of remarkable.

Late night ramblings

After I wrote my status a few minutes ago, I decided to write a bit about it. Earlier in the week I had mentioned that I was pretty sure that I had the best girlfriend ever and then the week ended on a low note. When bad things transpire and ultimately get resolved, I always say I learned a lot about myself, but how can that be if I already knew what I “learned”? Well, sometimes you know it, but you forget it until it’s too late.

With that said, I did learn one thing this week: trying to always be right and/or attempting to force someone into thinking along your lines does nothing for the situation except make people wonder what your true intentions are: either to force change on people or to make them feel bad enough about themselves to want to change.

Most people in these situations would run for cover out of a natural human response of needing to protect one’s self. As it turned out, she did run…but to the park; and took me with her.

It was thought that an everyday lunch appearance would not suffice and so there we were; lying on the grass, playing a game I hadn’t seen in over ten years, just enjoying the afternoon air. The only thought I could rustle up was “Why?” Why, after mistakes I made, is she the one making things better? This, my friends, brings me to my point.

My previous statement was: “I’m pretty sure I have the best girlfriend ever! Anyone who wants to argue, I’m game.”

I am retracting it and replacing it with: “I absolutely KNOW that I have the best girlfriend ever and you will lose any argument saying otherwise!”

My two cents: it’s the small things that are worth so much more than anything money can buy.