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You’ve seen what I’m all about in the “business” world, now lets see what I’m able to do in my personal world. I created this page to outline the various projects I involve myself in so I can keep things organized and even share a thing or two with other people out there.

My New Mini Cooper

I recently bought a brand new 2010 Mini Cooper and I freakin’ love this car!! I’ve owned sports cars before and have drive trucks, SUVs and other cars, but this is by far, my favorite. All those stories you hear about people driving Minis because it’s like a go-kart are soooo true. Anyway, this project page has me doing a few mods to the car to make it fit in more with my style.

Custom MAME Machine

If you’re into classic video games, specifically arcade games, you’re going to love this one! First off, MAME means Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and it basically allows you to play arcade games (among others) on your computer. Can you say “hell yeah!”?? SOOOO, being true to form, I didn’t want to settle with a keyboard and mouse on this one. I went all out and converted a full-size Mortal Kombat II machine into my own custom MAME machine. The best part is that it uses tokens too! 🙂

Random Photo Shoots – COMING SOON

Every now and then, I see a cool shot and snap off a picture with my iPhone–everybody loves it, some say I have an eye for photography and others tell me that my picture just made their day. Well, truth be told…I’m not a photographer, but I do have a knack for finding emotional value in some things and as they say–a picture says a thousand words.

Anyway…what I wanted to do was get a much nicer camera and plan some areas of interest like the beach, downtown LA, Disneyland, etc. to visit and just start taking pictures. Call it a virtual tour or whatever, but to me it’s just another way of expressing myself.

The “coming soon” part of this project is pending on when I actually get a camera! If anyone wants to sell me one, you know how to get a hold of me! In the meantime, you can check out some of these random photos over on my Facebook page.

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