Media Temple Webhosting

Ledfrog.com is currently powered by Media Temple. They provide web services for some of the top websites on the Internet today including Adobe, NBC-Universal, CBS, Red Bull, VW and Sony. The vast array of hosting services they offer range in price from $20 per month up to several thousand and beyond. So no matter what your website’s needs are, they have a solution for you.

I bring this up because by seeing this page, you no doubt clicked a link that said “Hosted by ledfrog.com” at the bottom of a website and I just wanted to let you know what that meant. While I used to run my own server and sell webspace, I no longer do so due to the major time and money required to stay on top of the latest technology and security updates. As a result, I now simply provide management services to those requiring it on any webhost they wish to use. I prefer using Media Temple only because I can manage all websites under one roof.

Please email me if you’re in need of a web admin to take care of all the backend processes required to run a website. And if you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer, check out Media Temple’s website!

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