Building an Online Business – Social Bookmarking

If you haven’t heard of social networking by now, you must be living under a rock! Or, you’re just now getting online and you’re here to learn more about it and how it can help your business. SItes like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all offer you ways to network with your friends and colleagues. Some people may consider these sites as playgrounds for the young and uninitiated, but in reality, they can produce major traffic to your site.

Now here’s a little something you may not have known. Social networking has opened doors for social bookmarking. This is the practice by which you share your bookmarks with the world. This is usually seen as a bunch of friends simply sharing their own bookmarks with each other. These bookmarks are the websites that they visited and ones they recommend to other users. Add these to the bookmarks from users all over the world and you now have a relatively unique list of some of the most awesome things on the Internet.

The goal here is to get your business/website/blog on the list of greats!

Social Bookmarking

The order of this list is a rough estimate of how you should proceed, but as some areas are more advanced than others, you can continue as you see fit. For the sake of publishing this online, not every section will be available at once.

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