Building an Online Business – List Building

It’s one thing to get visitors to your site every day, but how do you keep them coming back? Of course, fresh content helps, but the reality is that people generally only come back when they need something. For example, you probably go to Yahoo! or MSN everyday to check your email and read the news. I’m sure you don’t just go back to see how they’re doing!

With that said, unless you’re providing some cool new service, you need to provide your users with other reasons to come back. That’s where list building comes in to play. You’ll want to “capture” people as they are visiting your site in order to market services and products to them later. However, you don’t want to dupe anyone into signing up at your site, so you need to find interesting ways to get them to want to sign up for your emails.

This section will explore all of these areas to help you get started in building your own email list(s).

List Building

The order of this list is a rough estimate of how you should proceed, but as some areas are more advanced than others, you can continue as you see fit. For the sake of publishing this online, not every section will be available at once.

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