HP Touchpad Not Sold OUT! For sale now on eBay!

According to a blurb over at FigureThingsout.com, the HP Touchpad is not sold out, a quick look at this time shows no results on their store page: stores.ebay.com/hewlettpackard. It appears that HP had scheduled a sale of the tablet device for today on their direct eBay store and sales have been running briskly ever since it started at 4pm PST.

From what I can see, there doesn’t appear to be any Touchpads left. I tried searching as wells as reviewing the categories and nothing shows up. However, don’t let this discourage you, there are still plenty for sale on eBay from other sellers wishing to unload their device as well as on Amazon.

* Check out the listings on Amazon for the HP Touchpad
* Check out the listings on eBay for the HP Touchpad

HP originally pulled the plug on the Touchpad due to lackluster sales and was almost completely pulling out of the consumer computer industry a few months ago to focus more on the business end of things, but recently changed their mind and are now running things as normal. As a result, the Touchpad has been a sought after item of people looking for an iPad-like device that is far cheaper. And because of this, the Touchpad has been hard to find and almost impossible to purchase when it is found. That all might change if the popularity of this device gains momentum.

UPDATE (Dec 12): HP has sold out of the TouchPad once again! This device has been the biggest hit for HP in a long time despite the fact that it was also one of the most unsuccessful items from HP. Today, I somewhat explored the checkered past of this illusive device.

For more updated information, check out FigureThingsOut.com.

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