Day 4 – Azoogleads Update

I just got off the phone with them in regards to my pending application and of the three results it could have been, it is pending. They actually call it “working”, which essentially means I wasn’t denied or approved, but it’s sitting in limbo until I can work with some other networks first.

The girl I spoke to was very nice and she said that I should go get some experience with another marketing firm and come back to get my application approved.

According to Azoogleads as of this very minute, they are only accepting applicants with previous network affiliation experience. This translates into you having worked with or are currently working with another affiliate network. This leads me to believe that they are trying to weed out the saturation in their network and to be quite honest, I like that. It shows me that they are interested in keeping their members working in a competitive market that’s not drowned out by people that don’t know what they’re doing or people that sit there and don’t put much effort into their marketing business.

So what’s next? I plan to sign up for Elite Clicks Media which happens to be the number two recommended affiliate network by Jonathan Volk. If needs be, I’ll keep moving down the list until I can find a company willing to take a chance on me.

If you’re following along with me during all this, you may or may not have the same outcome as I did, so I strongly recommend that you:

  • Still apply for Azoogleads first and see how your phone verification process goes.
  • Apply for another affiliate marketing company while you’re waiting in case Azoogleads doesn’t accept you at this time. I created a list of the top affiliate marketing programs as defined by top marketers.
  • Don’t get discouraged!! It’s easy at this point to start feeling like you’re not up to the challenge, but don’t let it get you down.

I’ll start a new post for ECM as soon as I get the application out.

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