Funny Yahoo! Answers posts

I was browsing through Yahoo! Answers today and I found this funny Question/Answer post and thought I’d share. I think I’ll be posting more whenever I see them.

Feb. 16, 2010

The Question: Hi I want to order a build a bear online and was wondering if it comes with a reciept for the credits or comes with anything to get credits with. also does it come with a certificate?Has anyone had any problems with ordering online??
NOTE: For those that don’t know, Build-A-Bear is a shop that allows you to ‘build’ custom stuffed animals and dress them up how you want.

The Answer: well wen i bought mine i had to pay 50 quid extra for postage an it came wid a bomb inside and killed ma little brother

Feb. 18, 2010

The Question: What do i do?????? please read on!!!?
i currently have windows live messenger and one of my contacts pictures is not show!!! what do i do???

please help xxxxx

The Answer: call 911, any contact that is missing a picture is also missing in real life.

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