Douchebag Drunk Driver

Last night I was about to go to sleep and I hear this really loud noise outside. I already knew what it was because every time there’s a loud noise coming from my neighborhood, it’s always a car accident. I’ve lived here over a year already and have seen four accidents near the major intersection behind my house. The intersection is Magnolia and McFadden.

At any rate, I ran out in the backyard and looked over the fence to see a very large van that had ran into a slightly smaller SUV. As near as I can figure, the SUV was just making a left turn as the van came barreling through the red light and hit the SUV right at the driver’s side.

As I’m looking at things unfolding and people getting out of their cars to help, I saw this guy start walking down McFadden toward my direction and he was yelling at someone. I couldn’t see who he was talking to until I saw another man walking under the street light also in my direction. Right then and there I realized what was happening.

The driver of the van was leaving the scene and in quite a hurry! He ended up crossing the street onto my side and I got the feeling that he was going to come down my block, so I ran through the house and out the front door. Sure enough, he was heading straight down my street and the other guy was quick to follow. Just to be sure, I asked the other guy if he was looking for that person and he said yes. I joined him and started walking toward the driver. He wouldn’t stop, so I finally shined a flashlight on him and told him to stop moving. He finally sat down on a wall in front of my neighbor’s house and we started to talk to him.

He began by saying how scared he was and that he left because he didn’t know what to do. His Spanish accent was so strong, I could barely understand what he was saying. I said to him, “You don’t have insurance, huh?!” and all he could mutter was that he wanted us to “work something out” with him. I couldn’t believe that he wanted us to potentially hide him or something! Unless he was also driving a stolen car, he would surely be found out by the DMV records.

We advised him that leaving the scene of the accident just makes things worse and that he needs to go back because he didn’t even know if the other driver was ok or not. I didn’t want to get more involved so I let the other guy walk him back, but I did notice that right as they rounded my corner, the cops pulled up!

I went back to my backyard and watched from over the fence again. The guy that was chasing after the driver walked back to the scene and as he did, he passed by me once again so I asked what was happening and he said they were arresting the driver and that he was really drunk.

There wasn’t much to see after this and I can at least say that the ambulance left without it’s sirens so we can probably assume that there weren’t any major injuries.

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