I’ve dealt with my share of registrars in the past, but this one is by far the strangest. I’m writing this blog entry because I want to share my experience with the transferring of a domain I have registered with them while the process is going on to shed some light on any issues that occur for your future knowledge.

First off, I used to acquire my full name as a domain so I can redirect it to this site. Since SnapNames is a domain backordering service, it needs to utilize many registrars in order to win the backorder race from other services like it. Because of this, any domain you ‘win’ from SnapNames will have been registered at a random registrar and then login details will be emailed to you in order to manage the domain.

The problems arise when you use one registrar for all your domains and you now have this new domain somewhere out there in a space that might not allow the same controls as your preferred registrar. The other problem is that you can’t transfer a domain until it’s been at the current registrar for 60 days.

Anyway, SnapNames registered my new domain over at and I must say that I’m surprised this company gets any business with the way it’s run and the lack of services and features that you can use on your domains. Regardless, I want my new domain in my GoDaddy account and on Sunday (1-10) I placed a transfer order there. In the past, all you needed to do was unlock the domain from the losing registrar and then retrieve the transfer codes to input into the site, but now, you have to wait for the “Transfer Concierge” to do things.

So I wait. And what happens? Well, because DomainMonkeys’ whois server is not using the standard port 80, no other whois servers can access it and therefore appears down. Now I have to wait for some type of human interaction on GoDaddy’s part to move this thing along.

As of this writing, I’m stuck of step 1 of 4 and the actual message I’m getting is:

Step 1: Initiate
Transfer is waiting for the Transfer Concierge to address a whois data problem. We were unable to get the whois data from the losing registrar. The Transfer Concierge will resolve this issue.
Recommended Action:
No customer action is required at this time.

I’ve already unlocked the domain and have even requested the authorization code, but since I can’t input it, I’m stuck waiting!

UPDATE – Jan 16, 2010

A couple days ago, I was moved up to step 3 which is the Accept or Decline step and normally when you receive an email from the losing registrar that someone is trying to transfer your domain away. At this point you can allow it or not. This is all contingent on two things: 1, the domain is not in “transfer lock” status and 2, you have the correct email address set for the admin contact. I have satisfied both of these requirements. I have the domain in “ok” status and is ready for transfer and I also have the right admin email address.

Easy enough, right? I should have been transferred by now. But no, I’m still waiting for that accept/reject email and there’s no way to force it through at! So, back at GoDaddy, it says that if the domain transfer is not accepted or rejected within 5 days, the transfer will proceed.

Well it looks like after about 7 days after everything was started, the domain is now resting comfortably in my GoDaddy account. I’m feel much better now.

Review of

If the first indicator of their professionalism didn’t come from the fact that their name contains the word “monkeys” in it, then maybe a quick look at their homepage did the trick. Here’s a screenshot as of today (Jan 18th, 2010): homepage

The rule is and always has been, never judge a book by its cover, but this website is lacking everything but the cover. First off, my impression is that this company is simply one of the hundreds, if not thousands of ‘dummy’ registrars setup by sites like, and whoever else in an effort to add more outlets to snap up all the deleting domains coming out each day. I came to this conclusion because I discovered this site after a successful auction with SnapNames. They also don’t sell any other services or even try to offer you any type of support.

Down to the nitty gritty. There’s five links on the homepage. There’s one for the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, WHOIS, Support and my favorite: Domain Updates. The first three require no explanation so we’ll start with the support page. It’s a very basic form that you have to manually fill out completely and this is also where you can apparently order new domains, although I wouldn’t recommend it because I can only guess as to where you’re supposed to type in your credit card number. And even after I guessed, I’d probably still be wrong. They do have a support number located at a 303 area code, but I get the feeling that I’d be dialing a rotary phone sitting on a tv tray in someone’s living room.

Updating your domain for those of you who use sites like GoDaddy,, Moniker, etc. is fairly an easy process and these days, you can probably add all sorts of free services to spice up your cool domain. The best part about DomainMonkeys’ domain update page is the login requirements!

As an example, say your domain is: LEDFROG.COM, your email is: and your password is: passw0rd. This is how you login:

You click on the Update link from the homepage and you’re taken here: Login page

In the account verification box, you are to type in this string: ledfrog.comnothing@nothing.compassw0rd

No joke. That’s the login. All three. All together. No spaces. Plain text.

Once you’re in, you’re golden until you want to transfer your domain to someone else. More on this later as the developments of my own transfer unfold!

Final decision: I will never use DomainMonkeys to register any new domains and I’m likely to never deal with them again unless I’m forced to by SnapNames.

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  1. Hi, my case is very similar to yours. I am also trying to transfer a domain name acquired through from to And yes, agree on the weirdness of the page :P. It is so bad that it is actually funny (at least the first few minutes).

    I was sent the login password by snapnames, so I went to DM site. I did not found the usual "username/password" fields, instead a few links for a terms page and alike. One of them was the most close to a login page (at least that what the title says). It request you to enter your domain name, username, and password. All of them, in the same field (??), all put together (!!??).

    So I tried, I was not sure about the username so I used snapnames'. I put the provided password, and gave it a try but with no luck.

    I only need the Auth Code so that Godaddy can start the transfer process. Were you able to get it and how? I appreciate your help!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I was able to get my domain transferred. The username is something that Snapnames generates for you. You should have gotten an email saying what your username is. What I ended up doing was going into the DomainMonkeys account, unlock the domain to ready it for transfer and then submit a request for the auth code to be sent to me. One thing to remember though is that you can't transfer a domain until it's been at the current registrar for 60 days, so you'll have to hold it at DomainMonkeys until that time has gone by.

      Whenever I get a domain through a backorder, I just change the nameservers or create a redirect so I can start using the domain right away and then set a date on my calendar to remind me when I can start the transfer process. Good luck with everything. Email me if you have any more questions.

    1. Unfortunately, you may be right about this, but sometimes when procuring backorders from Snapnames, you get stuck with the first registrar that acquires the domain. This is what happened in my case. In fact, I had never even heard of these guys until Snapnames put a domain in an account over there.

  2. hi,
    i recently acquired domain form SnapNames. And yes, it is registered on
    I received email form snapnames something like this "..To make changes to your account information login with your email address and the password: "passWord" at DomainMonkeys.
    So i use my email as a user id and privided password as a password, so it would be something like this : mydomain.comMyemail@mail.comPassWord (alltogether)
    but i can not get through.
    Any Idea?

    1. If SnapNames sent you an email, you should have all the required information to log in. Why you can't is a mystery to me unless SnapNames somehow didn't get the password right. Have you tried the different variations of the supplied password?

    2. It's possible that SnapNames screwed up the account setup. I'd try asking customer support from both companies to see if there's a quick resolution. DomainMonkeys has a rather lame contact form for support, but I imagine it works…

      On that form you can also request that changes be made to the domain such as name servers and contact information, so if you can't get in, you might just want to way the 60-day period until you can transfer it to a preferred registrar. Good luck!

  3. I am also trying to transfer a domain name from to,
    I received the transaction ID and security code from Godaddy but I don't know how
    to get the Auth code from domainmonkeys. I already sent them several email but didn't
    get any reply ! I don't think there's still someone behind this website, is there
    any other way to get this Auth code ?

    1. You know, it's been so long since I did this transfer, I don't remember exactly how the auth code was sorted out, but I do remember waiting a long time for anything happen. As far as contacting them, have you been emailing them directly or using their support form on the website?

  4. I have been trying to transfer a domain out for 3 years now… they double bill me each year even though I don’t authorize the transfer, and my domain doesn’t even appear in my Control Panel. They are literally holding my domain hostage.

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