Goodbye Analog!

Today brings the end of a industry standard. Ever since television was first broadcast, this technology has existed. For me and a lot of people out there, the change to all digital broadcasts doesn’t have any effect on us. This is because we’ve all been using some type of cable or sattelite tv source for many years.

But for those unlucky few, they are either forced to upgrade their source or simply buy a convertor box. The good thing about having no more analog tv is that it frees up that spectrum for other uses such as emergency communications and wi-fi technologies. Maybe now AT&T can get their act together with a new, faster 3G network to support the faster speeds of my soon-to-be iPhone 3Gs!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share YouTube’s current logo bidding a fond farewell to analog tv. I decided to post it here in case it disappears one day.

Goodbye analog tv YouTube logo

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