I hate PayPal (part 2)

For those who read part 1 of this little saga I’m involved in, here’s the latest:

My case’s status is still in “Product Return” mode. Basically what this means is that the buyer who filed the dispute is supposed to ship back the item that he was refunded for. The best part of this is that PayPal’s own site states the following:

What happens next

The buyer is required to provide tracking information confirming that they shipped the merchandise to you by Apr. 24, 2009. If we don’t receive this information, the claim will be closed and a refund will not be issued.

Now I don’t know when you might be reading this, but if you compare the date mentioned above to the date this was posted, you’d see that two weeks have gone by. TWO WEEKS!!! Also, there’s another status marker that labels this case as “Awaiting other party’s response” which tells me only one thing: that PayPal is still waiting for the buyer to submit proof that the item was shipped back.

So, now here’s how it looks. PayPal debits my account in the amount of the refund and presumably gives it back to the buyer and then leaves the case open to allow for the return of the product. Although I disagree with this practice, that’s the way it is and there’s nothing that can be done about it. But now PayPal is breaking it’s own rules by claiming that the refund will not be issued and the case will be closed if the buyer doesn’t respond by April 24th, 2009!! Does anybody else see the bullshit going on here!!

At this point, I’m out my money and my product! What kind of business practice is this??

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