Bad name or are you just unique?

Sometimes in the process of growing up, you get these feelings that you’ve seen it all. Of course this is impossible in the general sense, but every now and then something comes along the way and it makes you think that there could be nothing more that would top that last thing you just saw.

Well folks, for me, it just now happened…three minutes ago to be precise and here it is.

I received a notification that a girl I knew from elementary school added me on Facebook, so I logged in to view her profile and see what she’s been up to. I then noticed her note about having a daughter and get this: her name is Abcde.

Her name is: Abcde



According to her, it’s pronounced: Ab-sea-dee

Thinking this is either the most insane name I’ve ever seen or I had just discovered the most inventive, unique person I’ve ever known, I actually Googled this name and I found out that it actually exists in baby name books! I also found someone’s blog about the name and how they found it on a list of bad baby names. I just wanted to point out that I not only saw the list as well, but I may just be the only person who has actually found someone who named their kid this!

I wish I could post more information about this person and some pics, but that just wouldn’t be right!  😉 Anyway, here’s the blog I found: check it out here.

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