Good-bye FreeFM

Sad news to report. If you haven’t heard, yesterday was the last day of FreeFM 97.1 (KLSX Los Angeles). It has now been turned into a top 40 music station. With the downfall, goes the careers of Adam Corolla, Frosty Heidi & Frank, Danny Bonaduce, Tim Conway Jr., John Boyle & Jeff Carroll and of course Tom Leykis. I don’t expect that we’ve heard the last of these talents, but for the time being, they are silent.

The Last Shows

I’ve found YouTube clips of Tom Leykis’ last 10 minutes along with Frosty, Heidi & Frank’s last 10 minutes if you’d like to hear. Tom Leykis got the final signoff (including the last “Blow me up, Tom!”), followed by the last station id and then silence. Shortly thereafter, Kanye West’s Paranoid kicked off a 10,000 song, commerical free block of music signaling the start of AMP 97.1.

I, for one, have no interest in this new format and am saddened by the loss of some great afternoon and late night talk radio.

Keep updated with the crews of the old 97.1:

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