I'm here for the dishwasher?

I was headed to one of my jobs today and I started driving about 25 minutes to get there in the rain and traffic. Anyway, I arrive at the location only to find out it’s a gated community.

I called the client to have them open the gate and said ok. The gate remained closed. I called back. She said she was openin it. Gate still closed. I called back and as she was attempting to open it, someone behind me opened the gate instead. Finally I drive in.

While that is lame within itself, here’s the rest. I drive around this maze looking for her address no thanks to my gps, which placed her house in a different spot than it was. Once I found it, I rang the doorbell.

I go in and the client says “You’re here for the dishwasher, right?”

I fix computers.

I explained to her that I was there for the computer and she tells me somone already came and fixed it a few days back. Lame.

P.S. As I was walking out the door, she said “I didn’t think you were here for the dishwasher; you’re dressed too nicely!” Sorry Mr. Dishwasher Repair Man, but you need some new clothes!

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