Johnny Carson mixes well with the animals

I think of all the shows I’ve seen where they bring out animals to see what kind of crazy things will happen, this clip tops the cake. In a funny bit of irony, Johnny makes a joke saying that he should wear one of the animals on his head and be Fess Parker (actor who played Davy Crockett) and sure enough, the little guy actually crawls onto Johnny’s head and makes his joke literal! The two zoologists in the clip were Jim Fowler and Joan Embery. Enjoy.


Johnny Carson makes last tv appearance

I, like many was a big fan of Johnny Carson and although I was only born in 1982, I can still remember watching some of the last shows. I always loved this video clip from David Letterman’s Late show where Johnny Carson makes a suprise appearance to a standing ovation that goes on for a minute twenty. According to some research I did on this clip, Johnny was supposed to come out and tell a joke, but is either too emotional to do so or was still getting over a minor sickness. Either way, you can see the moment where he aborts the original plan and decides to walk off the stage for the last time.

I have to mention that I think this was one of the most memorable moments in television history. Enjoy.