Linking Policies

I sincerely appreciate the gesture if you wish to link to or specific content within! While I can’t enforce the way people link to my content, I can advise. Following these linking policies will ensure that your users are getting the most from their experience on your site as well as mine.

Proper Techniques

  • Linking directly to content – If you are citing an article of mine, your website needs to clearly state where you are citing from and how your visitor can get there to read the original content. For blog systems, a trackback or pingback can perform this step. Otherwise, a full link to the original content must be provided with all cites.
  • Linking directly to my domain – When linking to my domain, it should always appear like this: Always include the ‘www’ in all urls. This is because Google reads and as two separate sites and as you can see, I am only one!
  • Quoting content – Text from my site should be quoted with the BLOCKQUOTE tag and then making reference to my site (with appropriate link) within your content.
  • Linking with images – Below, I’ve provided a series of logos and images you can use to link to my site. These are the only images you can use to link to my site.

Improper Techniques

  • Use of ‘rel=nofollow’ – If you like the site and find that I am offering valuable information, please offer a link WITHOUT the use of the ‘rel=nofollow’ tag. By not using this tag, you are informing search engines that they should follow this link and that when they get there, they’ll find related content of importance. If your website has a high PageRank in Google, this will ultimately help my site gain a stronger foothold in search rankings.
  • Use of popup windows – My site should never be contained within a popup window, especially a pop-under window (one that shows up behind the current browser window). This does not apply to blank windows when using the ‘target=”_blank”‘ tag. Using a popup window makes it appear as though you’re advertising and links to my site should not appear that way.
  • Use of partial content – Some websites will repost portions of my articles on their site and then add a link back to my original article. While it’s good that they’re not claiming to be the original creator, some visitors may not notice that and be confused if they find the same content strewn all over the Internet. This is a grey area and can result in copyright infringement. Writing an original article and then citing portions of mine with proper quotations and links is acceptable.
  • Linking with images – No link to my site can be placed on an image unless it is one of the images provided below. Also, my logo(s) and images are trademarked and cannot be modified in any way.

Linking images coming soon.