Ledfrog.com FTP Server

I opened an FTP server to help with large file transfers and collaborative efforts between myself and my associates. This page is here for your information. Please note that not all areas of this FTP are publicly accessible.

Private access

Access to this FTP is only available to individuals that are in need of transferring large files to and from my site. This requirement does not apply to 99% of the visitors to this site. Therefore, if you don’t already have private access, you probably don’t need it! Here are the server settings:

Server: ledfrog.gotdns.com
Port: 21
Username: (Enter your issued username)
Passwords: (Enter your issued username)

Public access

There is a public account setup that I use to offer most of the downloads available from my site and other various links. These files are made available through the site’s regular channels and FTP access is not required to obtain them. However, if you’re interested in seeing a complete listing of such files, you may login with the following information:

Server: ledfrog.gotdns.com
Port: 21
Username: browse
Passwords: downloads

This account is generally available 24/7, but is subjected to be offline without notice.

How to use FTP

  1. Open your FTP client.
  2. Enter the settings above into your connection manager.
  3. You may choose to save these settings, but ensure that nobody else has access to your account. Your account is subject to suspension if it violates any server rules outlined below.
  4. Click connect. Your home directory will be pre-configured to where you’re supposed to be.
  5. Be sure to read all server messages or check back to this page as information is subject to change without notice.

Server rules

To ensure quality of service to all connected users, I have implemented a few rules that are automatically enforced. Do not attempt to use this server if you do not intend to follow the rules. If you’re unsure about anything, please contact me.

  • Anti-hammering – Do attempt to login to the server more than 5 times every 30 seconds. This will result in a 2-hour ban on your IP address. If the server is full, please try again later.
  • Login attempts – Do not try to login with an incorrect password more than 5 times. This will result in a permanent ban.
  • Account sharing – Do not share your account with anyone else. If they are caught using your information for an un-intended purpose, your account will be deleted.