Building an Online Business – Web 2.0

When you think of web 2.0, it’s easy to think of it has some sort of upgraded Internet or a new Internet altogether. In reality, web 2.0 is simply a descriptive term for new ways to use the current Internet. Web 2.0 focuses primarily on ‘cloud computing’. It’s a combination of having web portals, online applications, hosted solutions, blogs and collaboration tools at your fingertips wherever there’s an Internet connection.

For your business or blog site, web 2.0 should be a large part of your marketing plan. By utilizing the latest trends in networking, you’ll be ahead of the game when promoting your site. You may have noticed that a lot of businesses have created Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and everything else you can think of. That’s because they’re starting to realize the power of the consumer. They understand that when it comes to selling products and services, traditional marketing tools are no longer working as they once did.

These days, the goal is to get your website “buzzing” around the Internet via Web 2.0. In this section, I’m going to explore some of the ways you can start getting your message out. This section will be a great pre-cursor to exploring more advanced paths in the Social Networking topic.

Web 2.0

The order of this list is a rough estimate of how you should proceed, but as some areas are more advanced than others, you can continue as you see fit. For the sake of publishing this online, not every section will be available at once.
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