Top 10 Must Follow Poker Tweeters

Receiving real-time updates from the Twitterverse The micro blogging site Twitter has more than 1 million registered users according to PC Mag’s 2011 data. Athletes, even poker professionals, prefer connecting with their fans using this platform. If you’re a fan of poker and want to get in touch with the latest trend and updates from … Read more – Video Responses To Life’s Questions


In the NEVER-ENDING quest to socialize online, expand your reach as a blogger or to become an internet star, VYou brings together the desire to post videos online with that of providing opinions on everyday questions from everyday people. The premise is simple…ask a question of someone and get a video response back and/or find … Read more

MyMagic+ by Disney – New Brand Loyalty and Sales Generating Bracelet

Walt Disney World

Anyone familiar with the experience of visiting a Disney park will tell you that a lot of the day’s fun will be sucked up by having to stand in lines to do (and buy) just about anything. On top of all that, if you’re traveling to your destination, you must plan well in advance to … Read more

FISA Amendments Act Could Pass – Should We Be Worried?


Speaking not only as a blogger, but as a citizen of this country, I feel that ANY legislation being considered to regulate the Internet is a very slippery slope to head down. Be it censorship or the ability to freely monitor it for criminal activity; to me it’s all the same. As it stands, the … Read more